Arc 1 - Episode #033

Ash and Rubble

General Summary

The group slowly returns to Aubrey after the vampire fight. Ironhide stays behind with Edward for a while, and then also heads towards town with Edward wrapped in a blanket. In town, Malchus seeks information about his vampire bite, only to learn from Rodswell that he has nothing to worry about. Yenward meets an acolyte of the church that recognizes him and the group learns that Yenward grew up in the basement of the old church! Yenward heads to the rubble of his former home and sifts through the remains.

Meanwhile, Drakonis’ illness continues to perpetuate itself. He is forced to reveal to the group that he needs a special herb called Bloodroot in order to survive, though the item itself is hard to acquire and is illegal. It is discovered that there may be a supplier in the nearby town of Durnhollow.

During this time, Ironhide approaches the town with a captive Edward, intent on having a meeting with the town to see if Edward could be used in battle. However, he is confronted by Malchus, Rodswell and Thoril. After much debate, Rodswell is overcome by the orb and attempts to slay Edward, but manages to stop himself. Edward, seeing the futility of the debate and sensing his impending doom, lunges towards the party, only to be struck down by Thoril. With Edward dead, the group has the priests of Aubrey on their side and can now focus on Drakonis’ problem. They ride south, but before they can enter the new town, they are ambushed by a group of children. Only some gold is lost, as the children escape into the forest. The group continues on its journey to Durnhollow...


Notable Kills

  • Edward, Killed by Thoril

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 10 Dec 2013 - Download the Episode

Report Date
10 Dec 2013
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