Arc 1 - Episode #032

Signed in Blood

General Summary

The episode begins unlike any other, with a fight right out of the gate. The party crashes through the door and surprise a group of vampires and Edward, the vampire lord. Everyone rushes in to fight except Ironhide who continues to try to talk to Edward and convince the group to let him live.

During the fight, Malchus is bitten by one of the little vampires and Drakonis is bitten by Edward.

Edward eventually surrenders when all of the other vampires have been defeated and he is near death.

There is a massive debate over trying to use vampires in the war, the Orb of Light attempts to get Rodswell to finish off Edward but he refuses and leaves and is shocked by the Orb for it. Malchus heads for town to seek treatment for his bite while Drakonis lies bleeding near the door. Thoril and Yenward carry Drakonis back to town and Ironhide stays with Edward, expecting Yenward to talk to the towns leadership and come back for them.


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Release date: 27 Nov 2013 - Download the Episode

Report Date
27 Nov 2013
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