Arc 1 - Episode #031

Leap of Faith

General Summary

After Yenward's duel with Kravel, he removes the head of the defeated minotaur and proudly marches it back to Lariss Darkhoof. Lariss agrees to turn over the kingship to Yenward and will bring his army to the war against the Overwatch. With their first real success behind them the group moves toward Aubrey and finally get cleaned up at a nice bed and breakfast called The Silver Flagon. The following afternoon they head over to the temple to look for Alexandra, whom they had met the night before on their way into town. They speak with the head cleric, Angus White and Alexandra and are told of the towns ongoing fight against local vampires and if they could be dealt with, it would be easier to send clerics to help with the war effort. The group agrees to fight the vampires after some discussion but decide to go shopping for supplies and new gear first. They meet a gnomish shop owner named Artimus who sells them some new gear and a bunch of holy water vials.

When the party enters the cave that serves as a lair for the vampires, Thoril begins checking for traps and finds them in abundance. The party makes it to a large door, some in worse shape than others they set up a plan of attack, 80's action movie style and the episode ends with them bursting through the door to begin the fight!


Locations Visited


* Yenward would like to rename the town "Minotaubrey"

Group 1

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Release date: 13 Nov 2013 - Download the Episode

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13 Nov 2013
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