Arc 1 - Episode #030

Out of Time

General Summary

After defeating Doug the Beholder, the group continues on its quest to find Thermack and a cure for Tala. Deciding to check on their companion, the group discovers that they are too late and Tala has become a zombie. After much moral struggle, Galford delivers a fatal blow, after Rikus attempts to smash Tala's head with his hammer. All the while, Baranith keeps faintly hearing the sound of a creature in pain.

The group decides to investigate the noise, only to discover Thermack carving sigils into the body of the White Dragon. A battle quickly ensues between Thermack, Laura and the group. During the battle, Thermack unleashes six Warforged warriors upon the group. After a long, hard fought battle, Galford seizes the opportunity to free the white dragon, which then bites Thermack in two.

Laura and the Warforged are killed shortly afterwards, leaving the group to face a large, angry, white dragon.


Notable Kills

  • Tala, killed by Galford
  • Emon Thermack, killed by Amarah
  • Laura Cree, killed by Trixy

Locations Visited

Group 2

Player Characters

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Report Date
30 Oct 2013
Primary Location
House Darksbane