Arc 1 - Episode #025

The Return to Brightport

General Summary

The group, plus Vallus, travel back across the desert to Brightport in hopes of finding a cure for Tala. Once in town Vallus takes them to a shop owned by his mother, Tessia as a small place to rest and relax. While at Tessia's, Graddik the Wanted enters on business. He is quickly confronted by the group, where he reveals that Darksbane got the Golden Dragon back shortly after it was stolen. In order to help the group, and to spare his life and save some face, Graddik gives the group two explosives to use in their assault. They let him go, with promises to return for him if things do not go well. They then sneak to house Darksbane as before. As a distraction, Trixy throws one of the explosives at the front door, setting it aflame. During this commotion, all sneak into the unguarded back door and once again descend into House Darksbane. With Tala’s condition quickly deteriorating, urgency is upon the group.


Locations Visited

Group 2

Player Characters

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Report Date
28 Aug 2013
Primary Location
Secondary Location
House Darksbane