Arc 1 - Episode #023

City of the Dead, Part 1

General Summary

The group decides to make a stand in the antechamber. During the ensuing battle against the zombies from the pits, Tala gets bitten.

Once all of the zombies are defeated, the group returns to the hallway to search for way to escape the arena. After climbing a staircase, they find a clinic. There is no help for Tala but a few potions and resurrection scroll are looted. Continuing on, everyone manages to escape the arena, and climb a nearby guard tower. Off in the distance, a wagon is seen in the desert travelling towards the city. Also perceived is a town of zombies, and curiously, two people in robes are seen ducking into a tavern, chased by zombies.

The group goes to the tavern, and encounter two Darksbane acolytes. One member is killed by his partner, while the other is restrained.

Locations Visited

Group 2

Player Characters

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Report Date
12 Aug 2013
Primary Location
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