Arc 1 - Episode #019

Friends and Foes

General Summary

Shocked at the groups return, Talia and Ian catch them up on the many events of the past 17 years. Rodswell is told that Duncan's remains were retrieved and are in the crypt below Winterhaven Hall. Talia speaks to the residents of Winterhaven to explain the return of the heroes and then Malchus gives a short speech as well. A drunken man throws a potato at Ironhide, Malchus steps between them and a furious Ironhide launches Malchus off of the steps and onto the man.

Yenward witnesses Drakonis having a withdrawal episode but doesn't tell the party. Everyone rests for the night and Ian sends them off in search of a carrier pigeon from a Warforged leader but instead they are ambushed by an unknown group and then are confronted by Liara who escorts them back to a cave.

Malchus is blasted in the chest an taken off his feet as Briahna, now an adult and powerful Psion is reintroduced.


Locations Visited


  • First "cape swish, walk away"
  • Nathaniel's introduction

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
05 Jul 2013
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