Arc 1 - Episode #018

Welcome to Onak-Al

General Summary

The group is transported to Onak-Al, a walled city in the middle of the desert. On the way there, they meet Tholomin, a fellow slave for an unknown reason. Upon arrival at the fighting pits, the six are sorted into a separate group from the other slaves and led into a chamber. There, they meet Vallus, a tiefling, and Katey and Silvia, human sisters.

They learn that they are now part of the “elite” group of fighting slaves for the arena. From now on, their daily lives consist of doing battle in the arena, cleaning the pits of dead bodies, or other menial tasks.


Locations Visited

  • The Road To Onak-Al

Group 2

Player Characters

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Report Date
03 Jul 2013
Primary Location
Onak-Al Arena