Arc 1 - Episode #015

The End of an Era

General Summary

The party, close to their goal of discovering the secrets of the tomb are ambushed by the skeletal remains of Drock's army as they try to rest. They are easily dispatched and the group enters the throne room to discover that Drock is still alive and will guard his secrets for all eternity. He tells the party that they may live in the lower levels of the tomb but will never leave again.

The gang objects to this and begin to attack Drock with purpose. Mid fight, Thoril is nearly killed and as Drock reaches for the Orb of Light to heal himself, a blinding pulse explodes from it. "The Touch" plays in the background as Thoril is returned to his human form, stands up and charges at Drock, unloading every attack and skill he can fit into a single combat round and nearly kills Drock. The combat quickens and Thoril lands the killing blow on the great warrior, shattering the Time Orb during the attack.


Notable Kills

  • Drock, killed by Thoril

Locations Visited


* Thoril becomes human again during the battle with Drock.

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
21 May 2013
Primary Location
Drock's Tomb