Enchantment Magic

Enchantment Magic is a subtype of Ritual Magic. Enchantment Magic requires a prescribed ritual (hence its subtype), and so it often requires a great deal of time, skill, and experience to produce Enchantment Magic. However, if a magician is able to do so, it is considered a prodigious skill.   At its core, Enchantment Magic deals with a magic user's ability to give a person, place, or thing magical abilities of some kind.


Because Enchantment Magic is considered Ritual Magic, all of Enchantment Magic requires a prescribed ritual. Because Ritual Magic is fairly inflexible, the rituals must be followed exactly, or the spell will not work (or worse, it causes harm). Often, the rituals require specific symbology, magical items, and precise words to work properly.   Although Enchantment Magic is strong, many magic users in Thenia choose not to practice it due to the time-consuming and difficult nature of casting it.


There are, of course, multiple applications of Enchantment Magic. The most common use is giving magical abilities to objects (e.g., enchanting a weapon to give it a magical power). However, some magicians are able to bestow magic on non-magic users for a temporary amount of time.   Some other applications include illusion manipulation, (temporary) changing of some aspects of appearance, personal power enchancement, and power reduction of others.

Known Solomonari practioners:

Sarai Amira, (her preferred magic), Kazza Hallow, (prodigious skill, but dislikes it), Leeza Lazar (her preferred magic)


Author's Notes

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