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In the mists of time, Thel was created as a haven for the gods, a paradise of wonders and comfort. Aeons later it was abandoned as a plaything, and suffered age after age of war, life, destruction, and renewal. The world spun on as the magic waned, and waxed, and waned again, long ages of growth and decline leading to the age of humans.   The current age draws to a close as magic waxes again, as Thel spins once more in its long orbit to the source of magic. Empires will crumble, and all mortal races will tremble as the deep magic rises. Already it is beginning, already creatures from legend and nightmare creep around the edges of civilization's firelight, probing, waiting, digging away at the foundations, seeking entrance.   Your heroes stride onto the stage in this dire period of Thel's history. Will they defend the great Kelnaran Empire, light in the darkness, source of order and prosperity? Will they side with the rebellious outlying kingdoms, or side with the great Khans of the Travkolm steppes? Hunt the creatures of vile darkness who are pushing inward on humanoid holdings, or ally themselves with ancient powers?


Arcane Awakenings

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Magic stirs and empires crumble.

Wardens of the Gate

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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