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Hullvari Leech

Should an adventurer find themselves with a bad case of poisoning following the bite or sting of some creature who took grave exception to them tromping through their home, most would hope for a potion or spell being close at hand, but those hailing from the southern reaches of the continent. will often reach for a small bottle containing one or two small, slimy organisms. These are the somewhat infamous hullvari leeches. Long held in high regard by the peoples who raise them, and those who have been saved by them, the small creatures are known for their uncanny ability to extract poisons and toxins from the bloodstreams of humanoids. A lot of lives have been saved in the south by just letting the leech have a meal for an hour.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

The hullvari leech requires a few ounces of humanoid blood every month, usually only one feeding. They seem to prefer blood that has been tainted with toxins of poisons.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Through several generation of selective breeding, the Hullvari leech has gained a striking ability to both digest many types of toxins, as well as extract them from the bodies of humanoids that they feed on. In fact a common piece of equipment for Hullvari adventurers is a small jar of water containing one or two leeches.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A few mages who have obtained hullvari leeches for dissection and analysis have discovered that the leeches anti toxin and anti venom capabilities are tied to a slight magical signature similar to a common detect poison spell.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

The leeches can feed off of the blood of most humanoid species.

Scientific Name
Hirudinia Hullvari
5 Years
Conservation Status
While not found naturally in the wild, Hullvari leech hatcheries are often a prized and protected industry in the few villages who have learned how to care for the creatures. Most knowledge surrounding these practices are considered a clan secret.
Average Height
Average Weight
1 - 5 oz.
Average Length
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The body is a dull muddy purple with small striations of bright green.

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