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Hailing from the warm grassland and deserts of the south of Thea, the multiple human groups who live in the regions claimed by the Hobgoblin empires are collectively known as the Hullvari to the rest of the continent. They can generally be distinguished by their rather striking teal eye color. Unfortunately for those living outside of the traditional Hullvari lands, many other nations look at them with a varying degree of mistrust, due mostly to their proximity to the Hobgoblin Empires. A widespread belief is that the Hullvari act as spies for the empires, looking for weaknesses in security, and targeting members of the nobility for assassination.. It is not a rare thing for a Hullvari to be refused service in some nations.


Major language groups and dialects

Traditionally, one or more dialects of goblin will be spoken in a Hullvari household.

Common Dress code

Hullvari dress takes many cues from their hobgoblin neighbors. Light and airy robes help cope with the heat of the south, though the Hullvari are the decidedly more colorful, with intricate patterns of orange and green being very common.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

At birth or shortly after, it is customary that a Hullvari child be given a small simple tattoo of their family insignia on the back of their hand, left for boys and right for girls. Over the course of their lives, these may be expanded upon, some marks becoming intricatly detailed works of art that sprawl up the arm and sometimes, in the case of great heros, across the torso.

Historical figures

It is accepted among the Hullvari, but not firmly confirmed, that one of the members of the Tuatha de Dannan, Zalman Cedarwind, was Hullvari of the Urgelir houses.

Major organizations

Mostly through geography, the Hullvari are strongly associated with the hobgoblin empires of southern Thea.

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