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Gran Inquisitum Celeste

The sight of this hulking green and silver dreadnought can only mean two things to the ports is visits, either The Theocracy of New Thrain has come to trade, or it has come to cleanse the impure. One part floating church, one part merchant vessel, and one part titanic warship, the Gran Inquisitum Celeste is the flagship of the Holy Navy of the Inquisition of Thrain.

The Celeste is usually the core component and escort for the merchant fleets that sail out of Thrain. Its vast hold is able to house great quantities of goods to sell to the rest of Thea, as well as bring the riches it acquires back to its home port. The rare pirate who is either brave or foolish enough to try and assault a Thrain caravan will find themselves annihilated in short order by way of overwhelming firepower. Even if one were lucky enough to reach the deck, they would then have to face the full compliment of inquisition clerics that are housed on the ship at all times.

Very rarely, the Gran Inquisitum Celeste is mobilized in its most ruthless fashion. Should a city disrespect the Theocracy, they may soon be visited by the silver clad mace of the inquisition. The Celeste is dominant enough to lay most of the ports in the world under a one ship naval blockade as it is bombarded by artillery and holy spell fire, and its walls are taken by the army of zealots shipped in to its shores.

On the extremely rare cases when the ruling grand bishops and grand cardinals of Thrain must visit the other kingdoms for diplomatic talks, the Celeste is the only ship considered holy enough to carry them safely.

Weapons & Armament

42 12" cannons
3 24" bow cannons

Armor and defense

1/2 inch steel plating coated in holy silver

The Celeste
Owning Organization
The Theocracy of New Thrain
20 meters
125 meters
12 knots

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