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The Vyi

The Tribe of Countless Legs

In terms of biology, any biological tool can be used for many purposes, whether that would be something as simple as a cell structure or as complex as a limb.
- Anonymous Alchemist
  Many hordes dating back as far as the Lords' Hammerblow originate from the dreary depths of the Underdark. The most well-known of these terrors are the Giant Spider Queens, but they are nowhere near the most dangerous apparitions that stalk the darkness below. As of recent years, the creatures of the Underdark have become increasingly brave, nearly as brave as they were when the Wraith Globe first trembled before Viabaas' might. One of the species that has recently resurfaced are the Vyi, also known as the Tribe of Countless Legs.

Basic Information


Vyi Workers are composed of a central worm mouth that spirals out into approximately thirty different needle-like legs. However, these are not just legs. Although they can serve as legs, they also double as skewers, antennae, stingers, or even proboscis. These legs are woven and twisted together in such a way that they can form a malleable changing body for the Vyi, allowing for it to slip through almost any space or form any basic body shape.

Genetics and Reproduction

A Vyi hive is composed of workers, warriors, protectors, and a queen, who births all newborn Vyi into the hive.

Growth Rate & Stages

Excluding queens, all Vyi hatch from small, almost fish-like eggs. They begin as small creatures about the size of a large spider, with only about a quarter of the number of legs they would have as an adult. As they grow and age, their legs fatten and split into twos or threes until they are fully grown. New queens are born directly from the previous queen in a womb that is specially built to sustain the new heir. Not much more is known about the birthing or conception process of new Vyi Queens.

Additional Information

Social Structure

A Vyi Hive is led by a single Vyi queen which can live for almost a century if left unchecked, fattening itself on the encroaching madness of the world below. The queen is protected by a select number of Vyi protectors armed with hundreds of legs each. Vyi warriors act as the frontiermen of the colony, growing the taint of the hive further and further. Finally, Vyi workers usually fulfill menial tasks around the hive or can even act as food for the queen in a pinch.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Due to the many uses of its countless appendages, the Vyi can use multiple antennae to sense sound or tremors in nearly every direction.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The Vyi have evolved to blend into the shifting shadows of the Underdark. Their horrid outer shell is slightly prismatic in such a way that they are invisible in both darkness and dim light. A Vyi queen is the only member of a tribe that regularly has markings, which are usually streaks of an amber orange along her thousand legs.


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