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The Worlds of Gilnares

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This is a Hard Sci-fi, medium fantasy TTRPG setting. The primary setting is a collection of 40 odd moons in orbit around a large gas giant called Gilnares that is the only major orbital body in the star system. Roughly 18 of those moons are habitable to some degree with thousands of other asteroids and detritus orbiting the giant and the star provide a rich backdrop of stations, hide-always, research platforms and more to explore. The area of interstellar space that the star system finds itself has been obscured by a thick nebulae for tens of thousands of years and leads the night sky to be dark, a sky without the glimmer of a single star. The only company Gilnares and its moons have in the void are the odd passing comet and the star.   Many different species evolved on these worlds and in the space around Gilnares, mastering magic and technology apart from each other before their interactions lead to a merging of the two with often wildly unpredictable results. The present day of the setting is a period of uncertainty and strife. 20 years previously the Union of Gilnares, a human lead empire of all the habitable worlds around Gilnares, was broken in a brutal civil war that saw several major factions rise up against the 300 year old Union of Gilnares and wrest their independence from the empire. The end state of this war was the total dissolution of the Union and the collapse of the human world of Driwyn into hundreds of oft-warring nations, a literal descent back into the age before. Across old Union space, factions have risen and vie for dominance and the worlds are largely governed by their original inhabitants or those powerful enough to force their will.   The primary goal is to explore themes of space travel, cyberpunk and the Ennui of societies that have looked beyond their world and seen nothing by the abyss staring back.