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The World Within Walls

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Surrounded by a massive wall that brushes the clouds, what is referred to simply as the Known World is an ancient land full of magic, long-forgotten secrets, massive and terrifying creatures of unknown abilities, and continuous rebirth as the world is forever recovering from some catastrophe or the fall of a civilization. Though the world is old, technology and magic are far from their fullest potential thanks to the constant rebirth. The discoveries of the future may very well be the lost knowledge of the past. Countless brave souls travel the world in search of uncovering ruins and learning the past's secrets. From the origin of the Great Wall that looms on the horizon to the purpose of the Titans that plague the land, there is no shortage of mysteries to solve. So go forth and explore the Known World. Visit its many strange locations and uncover lost secrets but, never forget.  
Not all places are fit for mortals and sometimes, things are lost for a reason.

Welcome to the World Within Walls