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The Dragon's Delve

"There's rumor that their tracks lead North, towards the Chaldean sea... only ice flows and chilled water there to greet you I'm afraid. Folks seem to travel up that way n'arry return in a timely manner." Halbac, Tavern Keep of the Half Drunken Sailor
A long time ago, there existed two dragons of ice and fire. Locked in an internal battle over their respective hordes, eventually they succumbed to the other, both falling on separate ends of their trove. The dragon of ice was trapped beneath the eternally melting lava in the mountains of Himo and the dragon of fire slept soundly within a glacier, eternally slumbering in enchanted ice on the coast of Neillboro. The two of their troves were so large and so vast that it was sought after by adventures seeking treasure and fame. However, the way to the treasure is easy... but the way out is difficult. Simply crossing from one level to the next takes a toll on the mind, the body, and the pocket as well. Nevertheless, there are many who seem to take what they can. For some the trip is rewarding while for others it is their doom.


Tunneling through the mantle of the world, through physical or magical means, the Dragon's Delve connects a passage from Neilloboro in the North to Himo in the South.

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