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The Ningaear

The Ningaear was an Elven transport ship built in the city of Mel-Thanlor for the Royal Family of House Xilrel. The Ningaear was known as one the fastest ship of its time and had transported many Kings and Queens of House Xilrel. The ship became famously known after it was wrecked during a storm in the The Harsiesis Sea while carrying all but one member Royal Family and most of the Royal Court. The Wreck of the Ningaear effectively ended the reign of House Xilrel as the Kings of Oslias. The wreck killed all but one member of House Xilrel capable of ruling lands, Lord Yllamys II Xilrel. At the time, Lord Yllamys II Xilrel was two years old and was deemed to young by his mother, Queen Glirael Xilrel, to go on the royal voyage to Kuskha to visit with Prince of Kuskha. During the storm, the Ningaear was broke away from the royal entourage. The exact reason for the sinking of the royal transport is unknown but sailors tell of stories Dragon Turtles living in The Harsiesis Sea. The location of the Ningaear is also unknown. Following the sinking of the Ningaear, King Rhådor Arasatra of House Arasatra was named King of Oslias because House Arasatra are distant relatives of House Xilrel.
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