The World Of Darkness Berlin 1945, and perhaps beyond

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This world is a reflection of our own, albeit one where people care just that little bit less, life is cheaper, hope is more distant. That grime on the mirror causes the world that stares back at you to appear darker, twisted almost impercievably, so that whilst most facets of life appear familiar they do not bring comfort.   That nations and history of this world mirror ours, though as you gather the courage to peer beyond the surface you soon summise that behind this world's daily life there are intricate systems of puppet strings, cobwebs of power and control. An eternal struggle for dominance that sees countless pawns sacrificed each night.   So too do you see shadows, monsters, that haunt and hunt, feed and destroy. Some out of need, others simply because they can.   Though perhaps the most dreadful monster of all is what you might become.