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Eagle King Lycaron I of Vadaton

The Hero of Dehael Lycaron Valonan

Born in 899 AD, in Dawndale. Lycaron has always been a kind, and honorable man, wanting nothing more than peace in his realm. He was Eagle King from 925 to 944. He lost power after a 5 year civil war against one of his Lords after he betrayed him and murdered his wife, Ionira. 5 years later, he was convinced by a girl to retake his rightful place in Vadaton to push away the tyranny of Vance. After leading a second war he takes back his throne and son but dies before having the chance to sit on the throne.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As an Eagle King he is required to be able to best any man on The Order of Iron. The King does this every month to ensure his battle prowess. The King has a healthy diet of proteïn rich foods. He trains daily in duels, games of war and other. He is bound to be muscular by all that training but makes sure by going on long runs and weekly power trainings.

Apparel & Accessories

The Eagle king has sword called Vorax.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lycaron grew up on stories of his ancestors. He admired his father for wanting no quarrel. He sought to do the same. Tales of Ebonrorans, users of PLACEHOLDER magic, despised him.


When a war broke out between Noreth and Ocegoth to the north, Vadaton went to aid Noreth, since the mother of Lycaron was from Noreth. Lycaron's father, Ateon III, sent his son to learn with another general and Lord, Vance. In this war he held Dehael against overwelming odds, according to legend he faced a hundred men alone to stop them advancing down a street.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He held the defences at Dehael, The capitol of Noreth.

Failures & Embarrassments

He lost his kingship to Vance, a man he trusted, and was driven from Vadaton.

Mental Trauma

As part of Vadaton customs, Lycaron needed to undergo The Way of The King. He trained a horse, which he called Branagan. He had his training on Zysal Mountain. Then, he needed to fulfill the Third Step. This invloved his wife-to-be, putting her under a terrible torture-technique. After that had been done, he killed the men responsible and freed Ionira. He fears the pain he brought to her and losing her. Which he eventually did at the Siege of Dawndale, by Vance's hand. He fears to lose everything he loves and feares to much to get attached to things.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Eagle King of Vadaton.
Currently Held Titles
899 AD 941 AD 42 years old
Circumstances of Death
He died from multiple stabwounds, inflicted by his undead brother Rheon, and an imprisonenment in a Drain Restrain. He died in the middle of The Great Hall, in full view of his troops, who just won the battle.
Gold, with a dark edge. A special trait that runs in the line of Vadatonian Kings
Short, dark blond hair
Known Languages
Auvari, as it is his native language. He also speaks Oewaric, the language of his mother. He is also fluent in PLACEHOLDER, the language of the City States.

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