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The World of Avwo

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Avwo is a world that feels much like ours. Real and tangible. Empires rise and fall and others take its place. It is a world where magic exists, but is looked down upon in some kingdoms. Magic is devided into to kinds. The magic to control matter, and the kind that controls the mind.   The greatest empire to have existed in this world, is The Droteron Empire. Their influence starting in the far east and spreading to lands of Vadaton. Though it has long since fallen, the things that have been left behind still persist today. Ironwalkers roam the lands, their purpose faded into legend.   After The Destruction many kingdoms rose. The Age of Petty kings had begun. After four hundred years many had solidified their dominance. But, one kingdom, The Horn Kingdom, provoked a small piece land. A piece of land led by Ateon, The Father.   Vadaton is a kingdom that rose some 400 years ago under the rule of Ateon after his victory against the Horn King. Back then it was simply known as the kingdom of Ateodal. Many years later, and after reasonable expansion, cam Exxon, The Legendary. He beat armies ten times his size and expanded his lands far beyond any could have dreamed, and so Vadaton was born.   This great kingdom is ruled by the Eagle King and their military prowess is unseen in any other land. They worship the Eagle Gods. Their legend says that The Great Eagles of the Sky watch from above and bless the lands with greatness.

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