The Wizard Still Lives

General Summary

Going through the tower floor by floor, they encountered many different rooms some with interesting things such as the lab and the library, others just gruesome such as a room filled with piles of indefinable corpses. But throughout the tower they encountered multiple rooms infested with demons.   After traveling a few floors, they decided to go back down and get some rest. The next day they went up and noticed that the floors wheren't in the same place as they where yesterday. They went up to the top of the tower and found that the wizard was still alive. They started by trying to fight him, but when the guy just tore down the walls they where hiding behind, they decided that trying to fight a guy whom can do that with just the flick of his hand might not be the best way to go. The wizard invited them to share in a meal and they talked for a bit about who they where and what was going on in the world. The party had the feeling that they needed to tread carefully with what they where saying as Mairon seemed to be fishing for information.   Once downstears, they wanted to go through the door but noticed that the green mold around the door started forming a magical portal and out stepped a Rakshasa. They didn't immediately attack but where ready to attack if he would attack. Doggo however did attack but the Rakshasa just slached the dog away and continued explaining that he wasn't a demon. The party beleaved him and let him go.   When leaving, they saw the wizard hanging out of the window trying to clean some more of the moss. Ronan noticed that the wizard dropped his ring and decided to pick it up. He however did not feel the need to return it...


3025-08-04 - 3025-08-05
Report Date
11 Jun 2020
Primary Location


Luminous Clouds
Moderate (11°C - 17°C)
Wind Force
Light (12 kph)
Luminous Clouds
Luminous clouds cast light as bright as full daylight, even at night. Creatures which suffer penalties or are damaged or destroyed by daylight are similarly affected by luminous cloudlight. Magical darkness of any level counters luminous cloudlight.


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