Getting a Ship

General Summary

The party goes to Folre in order to board a boat and sail to Norsca

Close to the village they decide to send Ronan first to check if everything is safe. He continues and notices craters on and around the path and when he continues alarm bells start sounding in the village. He continues and yells that he comes in peace and is seeking refuge. They let him approach and he sees that the villagers have barricated the entrance to the village with carts and barrels as if it where the wild west.

Ronan convinces them that he's not with the drow and that he in fact is with the Queens delegation. They let him and the others enter the village and Raeflynn gives the person in charge some updates on the evacuation plan and tells them to ship out to the wood elves.

She also asks if they know of someone whom kan help their little delegation to sail to Norsca and she gets pointed into the direction of the tavern and told to ask for Baleron Liamyar.

She found him in the tavern while some other party members went out for supplies and asked him if he was willing to ship them to Norsca and he says he does but he asked way too much (knowing that they had no other option) and Raeflynn didn't want to overpay so she decided to steal his ship and captain it herself.

Checking out the ship, they found out that the mast was imbued with magic that made it stronger but other than that it seemed like a normal Keelboat.

They quickly get supplies and when the harbormaster found out that they wheren't actually planning to pay Baleron for his ship and services, William took off his helmet and showed everyone what he truly looked like and that kept them away long enough for Ronan to return from stealing the sails from Balerons home and set sail.


Report Date
17 Aug 2020


Moderate (5°C - 11°C)
Wind Force
Light (9 kph)


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