Breaking Seals

General Summary

Entering the tower, they stepped into a room dusty and old but clearly at some time long ago it was a big welcome hall with benches near the windows for visitors to sit and chat with each other. They did notice that most of the windows and the door they came had a lot of moss like moldy green substance but they did not know what it was.   They quickly scanned the room for any traps or hidden passages. They did see something strange at the bottom of the stairs so they treated carefully by not stepping on there and instead using the broom to fly everyone up the stairs. Nothing special seemed to happen and they continued through two heavy doors separating the ground and second floor. They entered into a corridor surrounding rooms in the center of the tower and decided to try one of the doors. A gust of wind swooped out as if the room had been sealed by an impenetrable magic.   They entered the room and saw that it used to be the rooms for the guests and even though everything was preserved perfectly, it seems as if no one had set foot in the room for hundreds of years. However, they did notice a wind whirling faster and faster and focusing on the center of the room. The wind started to take shape and formed into an air elemental. They where scared at first, but the elemental didn’t attack. After a short standoff they had a quick talk where they figured out together that the elemental was a guest of the wizard and that the wizard had unleashed a magic so powerful that it sealed the room air tight and that without air being able to move freely in the wind, the elemental was put in a sort of stasis where he lost consciousness until being awoken when the party opened the doors. The elemental thanked the party for freeing him and headed out to explore the new world.   The party decided to investigate the room and found something sticky hiding under the dust. When it started to move the entire room seemed to pull back into the shape of a giant cube. It appeared to be made of some type of grey slime or jelly and even though it didn’t seem to be harmful, the party didn’t take any chances and destroyed it before it could harm them.   When walking up the stairs to the next floor, Ronan heard a weird tick coming from his bag. He had an awful feeling in the pit of his stomach and decided to take a few steps back off the stairs and check the contents of his bag. He found that the amethyst with the cloud inside had a small crack as if it was hit by a hammer. He decided to hide the stone in one of the drawers of the guest corridors and they continued their journey.


Report Date
11 Jun 2020
Primary Location


Luminous Clouds
Moderate (11°C - 17°C)
Wind Force
Light (12 kph)
Luminous Clouds
Luminous clouds cast light as bright as full daylight, even at night. Creatures which suffer penalties or are damaged or destroyed by daylight are similarly affected by luminous cloudlight. Magical darkness of any level counters luminous cloudlight.


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