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Great Beasts

The Great Beasts are powerful fey spirits that have accended to divinity by amassing enough power to transend into the Celestial Realm. They each preside over an Aspect of nature, and have their own quirks, beliefs and dogmas. The spirits were born from Isha and reside in places deep in the Wylderness called the Feywyldes. Far away from the Tamedfolk, they live in loose factions and tribes. Each of the Great Beasts leads one of the larger factions of spirits.


The Great beasts are not as powerful as their mother Isha, and have no Sourcepool where their power deeply concentrates. Instead, they carry their Sources around in the Material Plane, in the form of avatars. These are great manifestations of their power that warp reality around them and cause the Celestial realm to bleed into the the Material. Nature reacts to the prescence of the Great Beasts and changes shape to better fit that gods Aspect. A god can have many different manifestations, but only one of them is their true avatar.


The Great Beast are not widely worshiped in the Tamed lands, as they reperesent the forces of nature that the Tamedfolk have forced into submission. In the Wylderness the Beasts are widely worshiped, with many of the Wyldefolk tribes having a patron spirit. Like the Fey, these tribes cling to the aspects of their gods and develop their culture in a significant way around the Beast they worship.


Cernunnos, the Horned One

A large golden deer with a moon between its antlers. God of Dreams, Fertility, and Twilight.

Denthar, the Night Serpent

A gigantic black snake with large venomous fangs. Goddess of Nightmares, Death, and Night.

Clíodhna, the Radiant

A large shining moth with spectral wings. Goddess of Dawn, Light, and Dew

Taranis, Lord of the Hunt

A black wolf with six red glowing eyes. God of Thunderstorms, Preditors and the Hunt.

Oberon, the Fairy King

A tall man in bright clothes, and a crown of antlers. Has many different beast shapes. God of Animals, Shapeshifters and Tricksters.

Titania, the Fairy Queen

A prismatic butterfly that can take the shape of a beautiful woman. Goddess of Seasons, and Time.

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