The World After

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Cover Art by Lin Bo
  You've heard the tales, no doubt, of the fire and ice that will destroy the world. The apocalypse that awaits at the end of whatever book you feel is the One Truth. The great cosmic joke is this; they were all true. And they've all started happening at once.   The seas have frozen, and some shifted, revealing lost cities and forests inexplicably populated with unidentified horrors. Storms churn upon the land, dragging whole civilizations into the mire of history. The world's governments struggle to cope while the small-minded fail to take the opportunity to bury old grudges to save what's left. And beyond all of that lies a secret only a few survivors know; Chains have risen from the seas to anchor somewhere in the sky, and an engine thrums in the deep.   There are a few brave souls who do what they can to help. Aira, a young Sami captain of a salvage crew turned reluctant rescue ship. Misha, a Russian soldier who only wants to escape his own demons and Shiro, a Yakuza enforcer, who has made peace with his. Helen, a theologian and scholar from England who stumbled upon an ancient story that could hold the key to the world's survival. And Vivian, an American occultist who may be the only living person who knows the name Sien.   The separate journies of these bright souls will take them to places they never dreamed of and bring them face to face with horrors which once resided only in nightmares. They will all come together, but will their experiences and knowledge be enough to save the world? Or will the Inevitable Army wipe the world clean of all life?

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