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The Resistance

Founded in part by Cassidy Callahan in 1998, the Resistance serves to undermine and ultimately end the magical regime of the Fii Uitate, as well as to rescue those supernaturals who have been held captive by the order.
The Resistance is an alliance of European witch covens, werewolf packs, vampire colonies, and fae hives. Making its headquarters in Paris, the Resistance has splinter cells throughout Europe, America, and the Middle East - where the most powerful Fii Uitate citadels reside.

  • le Coven Lunaire 
  • The Pendle Coven 
  • Pacchetto Toscano 
  • Zlyy Podarunok 
  • le Cercle de Toulouse 


When Cassidy Callahan arrived in Europe in 1993 searching for her lover, she began to come into contact with various supernaturals who had likewise lost friends and family to the mysterious order known as the Fii Uitate. Cassidy spent three years fighting small skirmishes across the continent, making contacts, rescuing victims, and trying to find out any information about the order - its history, purpose, structure, and reach. In 1996, after managing to finally kidnap mage of the order in London, Cassidy discovered from him that the Fii Uitate was more far-reaching than she could possibly have imagined; a global order. Upon this discovery, she convened a meeting with every contact she had made over the years, determined to form an army to bring them down. It took Cassidy a further two years to solidify an alliance of covens, packs, and colonies that were willing to put aside their ancestral differences and band together. Thus, the Resistance was formed.

Libertatem Magicam

Founding Date
Illicit, Rebel

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