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Etteilla Colman-Smith

Eteilla Colman-Smith

Most people in Arkham, Massachussetts will tell you that psychics are a load of crock, and Etteilla Colman-Smith would be inclined to agree with that sentiment.  This would probably seem like a joke coming from the proprietor of Arkham's one and only psychic reading establishment, but she has her reasons.  For one thing, Etteilla is always upfront with her customers about the fact that none of what she says is set in stone and that everything is subject to change.  For another, she's an actual honest-to-God witch who can actually see the future, so her predictions hold a bit more weight than those of the psychic next door.
Etteilla has known about magic all her life, and she was taught from a young age by her mother Sybil, the previous owner of Tommorrow's Fortune Psychic Readings.  She learned how Tarot readings and star charts worked, how to use magic to properly predict the future, and most importantly, how to make sure a customer gets what they need without ripping them off in the process.  If there was one thing Sybil couldn't abide by (other than being forced to keep the true nature of magic under wraps), it was taking money from people without providing them with excellent service.  It was this nature of hers that drew her non-magically-inclined husband Ambrose to her, and it was her upfrontness about her magic skill that put a target on her back and, possibly, got her killed.
The official cause of death was aneurysm, but Etteilla has always been certain her mother's death was carried out by a magic user, possibly in service of one of the Five Family Covens.  This did nothing to deter her; in fact, it spurred her to take over Tommorrow's Fortune and join up with the like-minded Arkham Coven when she'd previously been on the fence about it.  Now with like-minded allies watching her back and one of their closest enemies recently deceased, Etteilla is feeling better about her future than ever.  And, hey, those new witches in town seem like an interesting bunch!  Wonder if she could interest them in a reading?

Physical Description

Body Features

Slender build, hourglass body shape

Facial Features

Heart-shaped face, button nose, prominent cheekbones

Identifying Characteristics

Multiple piercings in each ear

Special abilities

Ettellia is an accomplished witch who specializes primarily in divination magic.  Her preferred method of spellcasting involves firing offensive card and star projectiles, tranforming things from and into cards, and creating effects based on Tarot card and zodiac readings.

Specialized Equipment

Etteilla keeps several decks of cards as well as a miniature astrologer's disk to focus her magic through.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





High school graduate


Owner of Tomorrow's Fortune Psychic Readings

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Games, money, parties, alcohol, monster movies
Dislikes: The Five Family Covens, scammers, losing, being bored, people who put too much stock in her readings


Contacts & Relations

  • Rose Briers - Employee/mentee
  • Roberta Gotz - Covenmate
  • Dorothy Eve - Covenmate
  • Gisela Doran - Covenmate
  • Gertrude Adelbert - Covenmate
  • Izabel Michaels - Covenmate
  • Kirsten H. Nelly - Covenmate
  • Patricia Matthews - Covenmate
  • Quiteria Taylor - Covenmate

Family Ties

  • Sybil Colman - Mother (deceased)
  • Ambrose Smith - Father

Social Aptitude

Smooth talker who enjoys working her charms on other people.  Very upfront with people about both her magic skills and what she does and doesn't consider to be a scam.  Sometimes puts people off with her blunt honesty and occasional needling.

Hobbies & Pets

Studies about different divination methods, enjoys games of all kinds, collects various works of monster media
Date of Birth
February 16
Arkham, MA
Current Residence
Arkham, MA
Dark brown
Long, dark brown, wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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