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Starlight soothsayer

In the bygone era, when the stars painted the night sky with their celestial dance, the Starlight Soothsayers held an esteemed position within the Umbrasol Basin. Tasked with deciphering upcoming weather patterns, predicting wildland incursions, and interpreting celestial events, these skilled individuals were once the guiding lights of the night. However, the advancement of technology and the introduction of celestial clocks powered by Lemurite Crystals have rendered their once-prestigious occupation obsolete, leaving behind a fading legacy in the wake of progress.


The Starlight Soothsayers' sacred duty involved interpreting the celestial dance of stars, moons, and other heavenly bodies to provide valuable insights to the people of the Umbrasol Basin. By reading the night sky, they discerned weather patterns, foretelling storms and changes in the wind, which were crucial for the safety and livelihood of the region's inhabitants. Furthermore, they sought to anticipate potential wildland incursions, providing early warnings to prepare the communities against the encroaching chaos.
In addition to their practical responsibilities, the Starlight Soothsayers delved into the esoteric realm of celestial events, interpreting omens and predicting the outcomes of significant events, both in the lives of individuals and the fate of the basin. Their influence extended beyond the tangible realm, shaping the beliefs and guiding the spiritual practices of the people.


Throughout history, the Starlight Soothsayers held positions of great respect and reverence, and their knowledge was sought after by rulers, merchants, and common folk alike. Their insights were deemed vital for making important decisions, whether in agriculture, trade, or strategic planning. The art of reading the stars and understanding the cosmic patterns was passed down through generations, preserving their expertise in an unbroken lineage.

Modern Obsoletion

As technology and science progressed, the role of the Starlight Soothsayers gradually diminished. The introduction of celestial clocks powered by Lemurite crystals brought forth unprecedented accuracy and reliability in weather predictions and celestial events, surpassing the abilities of the human eye and mind. The precision and efficiency of these mechanical timekeepers made the need for the Starlight Soothsayers obsolete, as celestial clocks operated tirelessly without the constraints of human limitations.
While the fading stars marked the end of an era, the knowledge and wisdom of the Starlight Soothsayers still lingered, revered in tales and history. The waning of their profession, however, did not diminish the significance of their past contributions. Though their once-proud occupation may no longer guide the night, the spirit of their ancient wisdom continues to illuminate the hearts of those who remember their legacy, a testament to the profound impact they had on the Umbrasol Basin's cultural tapestry.


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