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Eldryn Oakthorn

Eldryn Oakthorn, the intrepid leader of Dunaforde's Wardens of the Verdant wilds, epitomizes the spirit of adventure and resilience. His journey from a youthful dreamer to a seasoned and esteemed warden is a tale of courage, exploration, and determination. Known for his wanderlust and the mark of his past etched upon his visage, Eldryn's unwavering commitment to protecting the lands of Dusk Duna has made him a revered figure among his fellow wardens and the people of the region.


The face of Eldryn Oakthorn tells a story of trials and triumphs. An older man now, his weathered features speak of a life fully lived. A long scar runs down the left side of his face, a lasting testament to a past encounter with peril. It cost him the sight in one of his eyes, which he replaced with a Lemurite Crystal—a crystal of vibrant hues that mirrors the enigmatic beauty of the lands he vows to protect.
Though the scarred face may seem intimidating at first, one cannot miss the sparkle in Eldryn's one good eye—an eye that has seen the wonders of the world and the untamed beauty of the wilderness. His unruly salt-and-pepper hair flows like the branches of an ancient oak tree, giving him an air of wisdom and gravitas.


Early Life

In his youth, Eldryn Oakthorn was known as a dreamer, yearning for the great unknown that lay beyond the boundaries of Dunaforde. The tales of adventurers and explorers enraptured his imagination, and the call of distant lands beckoned him relentlessly. Eager to set foot upon the untamed expanses of Dusk Duna, he craved to experience the thrill of discovery that the wilderness promised.

Early Career

Eldryn's yearning for exploration and his deep love for the natural world drew him inexorably to the Wardens of Dunaforde. Seeking the wisdom and guidance of those who knew the wilderness intimately, he offered his services to the renowned ranger group. Under their tutelage, he honed his skills, learning the art of survival, tracking, and the ways of the wild.
In time, Eldryn's potential as a warden became evident, and his passion for the protection of Dusk Duna's treasures earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow wardens. Through trials and tribulations, he proved himself worthy of leading the group he had once aspired to join.

High Ranger

As the leader of the Wardens, Eldryn Oakthorn serves as a guiding light for his fellow rangers. His experience and wisdom have shaped the group into a formidable force against threats that encroach upon the region. Under his command, the Wardens venture deep into the eastern forests, investigating potential dangers and guiding brave souls who seek to venture into the wilds.
Eldryn's adventurous spirit has not waned over the years. Instead, it continues to fuel his leadership, inspiring the wardens to embrace the unknown and protect the wonders of the region they hold dear. The Lemurite Crystal that rests within his eye socket serves as a symbol of his unwavering commitment—a testament to his resilience and his connection to the very essence of the lands he protects.


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