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Astral sages

In the annals of history, deep within the roots of the city of Aureliax, the Astral Sages once flourished as a celestial culture of wisdom and reverence. Long lost to the passage of time, their influence still resonates in the hearts and minds of the modern inhabitants of Aureliax. The Astral Sages are believed to have been the progenitors of the revered Starlight Soothsayers, who continue to carry forth their legacy to this day.


The Astral Sages were an ancient culture, intimately connected to the celestial mysteries that adorned the night sky. Guided by their deep understanding of astronomy, astrology, and the cosmic dance of stars, these enlightened beings found harmony in the celestial realm and embraced its profound significance. Their knowledge surpassed the realm of mundane affairs, and they were regarded as the keepers of cosmic secrets.

Cultural Practices

At the heart of Astral Sage culture lay a profound reverence for the stars and the celestial bodies that graced the night sky. They conducted intricate rituals and ceremonies, offering prayers to the stars, seeking their guidance and blessings. Astronomy was intertwined with their daily lives, influencing everything from agriculture to decision-making within the community.
The Astral Sages were known for their meticulous observations of celestial events, interpreting omens and portents to predict the outcomes of significant events. Their insights were sought after by rulers, merchants, and individuals alike, as they provided invaluable guidance in times of both prosperity and adversity.

Great Collapse

The advent of The Great Collapse brought about a tumultuous period of upheaval, with cataclysmic events reshaping the very fabric of the Umbrasol Basin. Amidst the chaos, the once-thriving culture of the Astral Sages faced its own challenges, and their knowledge and wisdom were endangered.
As the darkness of the Great Collapse shrouded the region, the legacy of the Astral Sages began to wane. With the collapse of civilization and the rise of new religious beliefs, their practices slowly faded into obscurity, leaving behind only fragments of their celestial wisdom.

Modern Influence

Though the Astral Sages may have retreated into the mists of time, echoes of their teachings and practices persist in the modern inhabitants of Aureliax. The traditions of stargazing and celestial reverence continue to thrive, passed down through generations as a cultural tie to the city's ancient past.
The Astral Sages' celestial influence can be seen in the practices of the revered Starlight Soothsayers, who carry forth the legacy of interpreting the night sky and predicting celestial events. The art of reading the stars and divining their meaning lives on, a testament to the enduring impact of the Astral Sages on the cultural tapestry of Aureliax.
Though the Astral Sages themselves may have become a chapter lost in the annals of time, their wisdom and reverence for the cosmos have become woven into the very fabric of Aureliax's identity, guiding its people through the ebb and flow of celestial destiny.


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