The Wildes

April 11

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A world shrouded in our own, a forest thick with magic and odd entities of all sorts; the Wildes reaches its influence out into the world, drawing humans finding themselves lost or wanting to escape into it. The Wildes is a dangerous place, filled with old magic that entwines itself into everything, and eventually anything that enters.   The Wildes has its own mind, its own agenda, though no one knows what it is. The only chance of an exception would be the Queen, a mysterious being that has watched over the Wildes from her hidden palace for as long as trees have rooted the ground, unable to be found or sought through any way other than her call. Even she might not know what the Wildes seeks.   The entities that live there seek human flesh, mind, and soul, with very few exceptions. They use their exceptional senses to seek out the humans draw into the Wildes, and feed on them through trickery or charm or force. There are few entities who call themselves friends with the most delicious meal that can walk into the forest, but they exist. They will find you, just as the others will.   The Wildes is old and unknown, but here you are, seeking your way to escape what your longing brought you to.