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 Bonesmiths are artisans who use magic bones to craft different items.



Bonesmiths require at least some magic to be able to manipulate the magic bones that they use. But before they are trained in the magic side of bonesmithing they first must master being a regular blacksmith.

Career Progression

When someone would like to become a bonesmith they first must locate a bonesmith willing to take them in, most applicants are turned down but this with potential become apprentices. During their apprenticeship, they learn how to build magic bone weapons and items out of bone. This process takes about eight years, during their final year the apprentice learns how to make large things such as buildings and siege weapons. The final rite of passage to become a true bonesmith is to carve your own unique set of tools with their own runes and spells. After becoming a bonesmith most join a guild. Bonesmith guilds usually are focused on a primary subject such as armor, weapons, or projectiles, they exchange knowledge and materials to build projects no one smith can make.
Some notable guilds are
  • The Marrow Shifters: A group of mysterious smiths who have the unique ability to use bone to create seamless makes that are perfect replicas of people. They work to root out government corruption and aid people in stopping tyrants.
  • The Grim Tusks specialize in using their magic to find out information from the dead. They are based in North Hallow  and are used to predict incoming blizzards and disasters.
  • The Fey Claws are a group of elve bonesmiths who protect the secrets of nature and the land of the fey they are based in Iyan .
  • The Hammer of the Dragon is a group of bonesmiths based in Dragonvale  who are the lead manufactures in Wyrmsont  weapons.

Payment & Reimbursement

Bonesmiths are paid a lot of gold for their services but they also enjoy getting paid in magic items and materials.



Some tools Bonesmiths use are wands to imbue bones with magic or to manipulate the magic already in there, a knife for shaping the bone and carving runes into it, and traditional blacksmith tools such as a hammer and tongs.


Bonesmiths use bones to make magic items and other objects. Sometimes they imbue animal bones with magic but usually, they use the bones of magic creatures each with different effects.
  • Wyrmsont is one of the most powerful bones with its magic absorbing properties.
  • The bones of a Beholder skull or reflective and when arrows and other projectiles are shot at it they ricochet back.
  • The bones of a Lich are used in weapons and disintegrate most organic matter they touch.
  • The bones of an Angle are holy and deal extra damage to evil creatures but if you are the one to kill it the bones will slowly burn away at your body.
  • The bones of a fiend deal extra damage to good creatures and slowly turn you evil.
  • The bones of a doppelganger can shift their properties to resist different conditions.
  • The bones of a Yeti provide cold resistance when made into a broth
  • The bones of any dragon or creature related to a dragon provide resistance to its given damage type


In a bonesmith workshop, there is a furnace for melting things down, an anvil for forging things with bone, and a bookshelf full of magic tomes and books about the art.

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