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The Body Snatcher

The Body Snatcher is said to be a being that stretches eight feet high with lanky appendages no more than three inches thick that stalks sites containing unburied bodies and then uses the body like a puppet until it rots too far and then it will consume the body for energy before stealing another cadaver.   The creature is said to have similar origins to the North American legend of the Wendigo being spawned from those in desperate situations. Though to become one of these abominations a desperate being must not give into cannibalisms but must give in to a vision of a loved one calling out to them for saving, and should they listen to the vision they will begin distorting into the infamous Body Snatcher known throughout all the cultures and settlements of Europe. Once one accepts the offer they are said to deform into the Body Snatchers standing no less than eight feet tall with joints seemingly everywhere on its body allowing it to bend in ungodly ways and slouching as if unable to support their own stature, with arms that hang limp and uneven ending in a sharp set of three claws that it uses with surgical precision, slimy pale grey skin that seems to always move and dangle as if it is poorly fit to the creatures frame exposing jagged bone between scars, sunken black eyes that seem to ooze a dark crimson that stains their face, a face said to be contorted and seemingly melting as if assembled from the multiples visages of its victims strung together, and a mouth that hangs open with no teeth to speak of eternally emanating a sickly green fog and completely silent unless it sees you at which point it lets forth a shrieking roar that would make even the gods tremble in fear.   The legend says these creatures will often stalk the site of battles and tragedies stealing unguarded bodies slicing open their backs with their claws and crawling inside, folding their bodies up so they may fit, to use the body as a puppet. Once it has done this it will attempt to lure others to a secluded location, using voice mimicry, where it will then consume the person whole yet never gain any extra mass. The legend also states those few souls who can escape an encounter with the beast will have their actions be for naught as the creature is said to spray a poison causing memory loss and leading to the inability to confirm the beast's existence. Yet there is hope to survive for should you see your friend acting strangely and making jerky movements or speaking in a rough, choppy tone of voice and it asks you to follow than make haste for the closest crowded area to deter an attack and live one more day.