Wormhole to Gaia

How did the Virgo cluster get populated?   While many study that question, it's just one of the "questions of the universe". Where did we come from is a question that's asked by many civilizations across time. But it generally becomes just one of the questions that are pondered as a civilization struggles with it's own survival.   One of the methods that has been postulated is that there is (or was) a wormhole or similar structure that conducted humans to this area of the universe and provided the initial population of the cluster. While no one conceives of the totality of human existence, there are at least two major areas of population: the area around Gaia (Earth) and the Virgo Cluster.

Historical Basis

The wormhole connecting the Virgo Cluster with Earth, or a nearby system, is one of the objects sought after by many. Notwithstanding that it would explain how the Cluster became civilized, but is also theorized to provide a way for sophonts, technology, culture, and information to flow between these two great civilizations.


The myth extends throughout the Virgo Cluster. While many theories abound, most place the wormhole somewhere near the center of the Cluster as humans would then have spread in all directions from there. There are some, however, who believe it could be just about anywhere and that population doesn't define the center of the cluster, but rather the distribution of stars and that the wormhole could even be near or at an edge of the cluster, but the population spread headed towards the denser concentration of star systems.

Variations & Mutation

One variation is that Earth is not the origin of humanity, but there are many other clusters of population that have yet to be discovered. Another variation is that the Virgo Cluster is where man evolved and was displaced by what the Terrans would refer to as the Ancients. Of course, this is all conjecture as there has yet to be enough research and with the large spread of humanity and unknowns, just about anything is possible.

Cultural Reception

While many in the Virgo Cluster are familiar with this myth, most lead lives that would not even be impacted if the myth were proved or disproved. It remains a mostly academic pursuit, although it does cross many disciplines ranging from engineering to art to philosophy.

In Literature

The wormhole myth is a common trope in the fiction literature of the cluster. Some aspects of science fiction has led to new areas of research in the search for the wormhole.

In Art

Most art using the myth as background depicts the magical or mystical creatures that might exist at the other end(s).


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