Cluster Naval Ranks

Virgo Cluster Naval Rank Structure

  The Naval Ranks of the Imperial Navy are generally mirrored by Reserve and local units. Ranks above Grand Admiral are generally honorary or purely administrative and might be more comparable to a civil service secretarial rank except either filled or dual roled with an individual still serving in uniform.  

Commissioned Officer Ranks

  High Grand Admiral - Administrative position reporting directly to a Duke or higher rank. Coordinates support for Imperial Forces within their jurisdiction and may also interface with reserve and local forces.   Grand Admiral - Commander of multiple Fleets. This could be either as part of a theatre of war, as a formed "group of Fleets", or some other formation consisting of more than one numbered Fleet, either battle or support.   Fleet Admiral - Commander of a Fleet.   Admiral - Commander of a Task Force.   Vice Admiral - Commander of a Task Group.   Rear Admiral - Usually the highest rank attainable by senior officers who serve in supporting roles (logistics, engineering, medical) and are not command qualified.   Commodore - Commander of a battle Squadron or independent smaller battle formation or higher ranking support leader. This is the lowest rank that is entitled to be referred to as a "Flag Officer". Commodores may also command some of the largest Dreadnoughts fielded by the navy, but these ships are few and far between and usually only pulled out of mothballs during war.   Commander - Commander of a line of battle type ship or a squadron of smaller support ships.   Lieutenant Commander - Commander of a cruiser or other independent ship not considered part of the line of battle.   Sub Commander - Commander of a small armed ship or larger support vessel.   Senior Lieutenant -   Junior Lieutenant -   Ensign - initial commissioned rank.   Midshipman - rank used to refer to officer candidates while in training, but not yet having been commissioned. They will usually be given supervisory roles of junior officers while on training cruises and under the guidance of a senior NCO, but will not have any legal authority or responsibility.   A Captain is the title used for the commander of a ship. A Commodore is an officer of any rank of Lieutenant Commander or higher that is in charge of or commanding a group of ships. Commandant is the title for an equivalent commander of a shore based facility. Any of these titles refer to the position itself and is not a rank that one can achieve, but is an indication of the position that the officer holds.  

Enlisted Ranks

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Fleet - Senior enlisted advisor to a High Grand Admiral, Grand Admiral, or Fleet Admiral   Command Master Chief Petty Officer - Senior enlisted advisor to officers holding a command position, reporting to officers in the grade of Commander or above.   Master Chief Petty Officer - highest grade achievable for and during regular ship or shore service.   Senior Chief Petty Officer -   Chief Petty Officer -   Petty Officer First Class -   Petty Officer Second Class -   Petty Officer Third Class -   First Class Spacer -   Able Spacer -   Spacer Recruit -
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