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Viland Empire

The Viland Empire was founded officially following the conclusion of the War of the Heather, when the old Kingdom of Viland united a large portion of the central continent under its rule.   Before this time, there were various methods of counting the passage of time across the continent. So it could be said that empire was founded in the year 282 of the Green Rain, or Rhitar's 652nd Year, or even the year 12396 since time began (if you buy into the pre-imperial belief system of the Ding peoples.)   However, one of Empress Judith's first actions after declaring the formation of the Empire was to declare a new era from which all time would be counted from that moment forth.   Therefore, it would be most accurate to say that the Empire was founded in Imperial Year 1.   This standardization of time measurement was part of the first segment of the new code of Imperial Law, which would become Empress Judith's greatest endeavor. Over the course of her life, while she continued to fight in various wars of unification to bring new nations into the fold of the Empire, Judith worked with various scholars and legal advisors to build up the code of laws which she hoped would become a strong foundation for the Empire.   After her death, the core of Imperial Law was considered set in stone. There have been minor changes and additions over the ensuing centuries, but the central code has remained largely in tact. Indeed, to ignore or significantly change the core of Imperial Law would be to spit in the face of the Empire itself.   It's worth noting that, although Empress Judith is known as the Great Unifier, the entirety of the continent was only united in Imperial Year 781, when Emperor Otmar II conquered the islands of Alborota, Orcarota, and Santarota in a conflict known as the Bird War. Thenceforth, all known lands were subject to the Empire's rule and to Imperial Law.   With the exception of a few minor rebellions and secession attempts, the composition of the empire has remained largely the same since.   Under the Viland Empire's rule, all nations are allow some level of self-governance, although all are subject to Imperial Law and are required to practice the Imperial Religion. It is not actually required by law to speak the Imperial Language (which evolved from Old Viskish), but in order to more effectively conduct trade, most nations have at least partially abandoned their old languages in favor of the common tongue.   Part of each nation's autonomy is the right to, in certain proper circumstances, declare war on one another. As such, it is not uncommon for civil wars to occur within the Empire's borders, although the Imperial Army ensures that these minor wars never get too far out of hand.   Today, the Viland Empire is stable and prosperous, with much fruitful land and bounteous trade across the continent. The next horizon? Further connection with the continent to the far east, which has long been known to us, yet difficult for us to reach, even with modern sailing technology. Although I have heard tell that the skilled seamen of Tisalia, Lacracia, and Artella are currently competing to see who can be the first to set up a stable trade relationship with this far-off exotic land. Whichever nation can pull off this great feat holds the potential to be richer than Baltiera itself. Still, time will tell whether the influence of our great Empire will be able to expand beyond the lands that are known to us and into that vast as-yet-unknown.


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