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The Third Horizon

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Many hundreds of years ago, two colossal colonization vessels left Earth. Their names were Zenith and Nadir, and their destination the star Aldebaran. The crews lived their lives aboard the ships, through centuries of deep space travel. One of the ships, the Nadir, was lost somewhere in the darkness during the voyage, without leaving any trace. The Zenith continued, alone, and after traversing the empty void, finally reached its destination. But the humans onboard discovered that they were not the first to arrive in the Third Horizon. They arrived in an already colonized cluster of star systems, linked by ancient portals. A long time after the departure of Zenith, the ruling powers of Earth had discovered one of these portals, and through it a shortcut to what became known as the Third Horizon.   The Third Horizon, commonly just “the Horizon”, consists of 36 star systems joined through space and time by mystic portals. The Horizon of today is a melting pot of different cultures, peoples and factions.