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Martin Scragland

Martin has been at his alleyway shop in The Canyons for as long as anyone can remember. There's no signs for his shop and you won't find the address listed anywhere, but for those in the know, Grindstone is a place where anything can be fixed for a price.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known about Martin before he set up shop in a backalley off the intersection of Dexter Avenue and 252nd St, and he's not the type to share information. He's well liked around town, who always has a slow smile and a kind word for his fellow citizens. He's demonstrated of a level of technical expertise that might as well be witchcraft to his friends and neighbors, and he works on everything from small engines to bionic systems. There's some rumors about where he may have got those skills, and that he might have been a player in the Spiderweb, but it's hard to imagine the friendly, old tinkerer involved in anything like that.


Martin is the owner and operator of the Grindstone, a hard to find repair shop where any broken tech can be restored.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1969 CE 63 Years old
Icy blue
Salt and pepper
160 lbs

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