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A small mining village, Salzdorf provides salt to Wurzeldorf, which in turn exports it to other towns and villages. The village is considered part of Wurzeldorf, and the people are considered Wurzelhavians.

The Salt Mine

A small cave mouth located on the south east base of a mountain is the entrance to the salt mine, a large, natural cave with giant salt crystals growing inside. These crystals are mined and brought out into the village where they are processed, before being delivered by horse and cart to the city.   The caves continue deep into the mountain, and none have explored them in its entirety. Some have tried, only to never be heard from again. In the furthest explored area of the mine is a large hole going down into the darkness, and the miners stay away from it, focusing instead on all the salt they can mine without exploring further.


Salzdorf is considered an extension of Wurzeldorf, and therefore follows Wurzeldorf laws. The Wurzelhavian Guard have guards stationed there to enforce the law and protect the village.


The small village is protected mainly by palisade walls. A watch tower helps the guard see any external threats early. In an emergency, villagers could retreat into the mines.

Industry & Trade

The village mainly exists to mine salt from the salt mine for Wurzeldorf. While they do have hunters and a small bit of agriculture, most food and other goods are bought in the city, usually at the same time as making a salt delivery.


Explorers came upon these natural caves in 809, and with all the practical applications of salt, a village was promptly built. The next century had the people of the mining village flee back to Wurzeldorf on a regular basis due to monster attacks, but the Wurzelhavians eventually managed to make the area safe, and salt mining has continued steadily since then.


The village is located not far from the entrance to the salt mine, at the base of a small mountain.

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