Moonberry Wine


  In the eary days of the settlement of the Isle of Nox , the now infamous alchemist Theodore Ravenheart created the drink that would eventually take his life. The Isle of Nox was initially settled by exiles from Redsworth and would have little to no contact with the mainland. Even though the Isle was technically a territory of Redsworth, it was inhabited by those the crown deemed undesirable and so would rarely receive shipments or aid, unless new exiles were being shipped to the island. Naturally the resourceful people who now called the Isle home would make use of the resources the island had to offer. Of particular note was a lack of alcohol, and with the stress caused by living in a highly dangerous place like the Isle the newly formed frontier government decided it best to begin local production and sale of alcoholic beverages. While traditional beverages were made, the lack of mainland ingredients and the difficulty of growing such ingredients in the cold and corrupted landscape of the Isle necessitated the development of drinks made from the Isle's strange ingredients.  







Manufacturing process

The creation of Moonberry Wine is a difficult and occult art. The toxic and corrupting nature of both the Moonberries themselves and the fruits of The Blight mean that even the smallest error can result in death, madness, or mutation; however, the incredible sweetness and flavor of the wine, as well as its effects on the mind make the risk pale in comparison to the reward. The exact process, mixes, channeling, and rituals used to make Moonberry Wine are a closely guarded secret known only to The Blackwell Institute, The Free Trade Guild, and The Order of Nox; however, rumor is The Dark Hand has synthesized a bootleg version of the substance.

  In any case the general process is much like making regular wine but with occult modifications to make the corrupting and toxic Otherlands plants safer.

  1. Prepare a mash of Fresh Moonberries using silver crushing tools
  2. Boil the mash of Moonberries in a cauldron of distilled seawater from the Isle of Nox, stirring in a sweetening agent such as sugar, honey, or other sweet fruit juices.
  3. Allow to chill under The Glimmer of The Otherlands or The Isle of Nox
  4. Using a silver blade chop the Blight Caps
  5. Add the Blight Caps to the liquid and stir with a silver spoon or stirring rod
  6. Strain and tranfer liquid to fermenting vessel
  7. Allow to ferment, it is during this stage that channeling the Otherside is required, the details are unknown to most
  8. Allow to age a for a number of months equal to a multiple of six in a Dawnwood Cask or Barrel
  9. The wine must be bottled in a dark colored bottle and must only see minimal sun exposure
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
While Moonberry Wine is manufactured regularly the limited range of the ingredients and the physical distance between moonberries and blight caps (in most cases), combined with the complicated and closely guarded brewing process means that Moonberry Wine is an expensive product generally available only to the elite. It is unlikely that it is to be found in bulk anywhere beyond the Isle of Nox and even there is unlikely to be found at a common marketstall or tavern.

Raw materials & Components
  • Moonberries
  • Distilled Seawater from the Isle of Nox
  • Blight Caps- These act as the fermenting agent, either naturally or due to an unknown yeast contained within
  • Sugar, Honey, or Fruit Juice
  • Tannins

  • Tools
  • Dawnwood Barrels
  • Silver Mixing, Cutting, and Mashing Tools
  • Cauldron or other Large Pot
  • Dark Glass or Ceramic Fermenation Vessel
  • Dark Glass Bottles