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Jotal Erugbrast

"They tried to break me, but I broke the empire"
  Jotal has the blood of both Fjelkal and Khairne running through his veins and it shows, a rather impressive blend of sinewy grace and muscular physique that seems equally at home on the water and the land. Jotal has spent half of his life in chains being forced to row Carrylean Warships chasing futilely after pirates - each time he gained his freedom, illicit or not, he soon found himself on the wrong side of the law. The Carrylean Guards finally put him behind 'the most secure prison in the empire' - after Waxwing fell it was the only one not destroyed.   No one is quite sure how Jotal arrived at Hampsterdam but the chaos has made a home for him, he's taken a leadership position among the sailors and dockworkers that do the most dangerous labor and rumors say he runs more than that most nights.   DETECTIVE - Joey the Sorcadin has found Jotal more than willing to deal but less than trustworthy   Slain by the Guardians

Current Location
The Settlement
Year of Birth
988 (44 years old)

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