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The Seed Cosmos

Created by

Writers Team

"The cosmos awaits you, young traveler. Behold the Seed's work."
  The Seed Cosmos is a high fantasy setting.  

Context? What's That?

My wee middle school mind didn't think that I'd forget the lore I constructed for these sketches. As such, a lot of these drawings are devoid of context and explanations, although that's not to say that a total of one sketch had actual text to accompany it. But, the beauty of that is after all these years, I get to look back in retrospect and interpret them now in whatever way I want. In a way, I'm servicing as an archaeologist to my younger self, gaining inspiration for the current works that I make from horrendous artwork that I did in aspiration of becoming a professional artist (boy, isn't that dream deader than me inside?).  

Dragons... Dragons Everywhere

You may notice this work consistently follows dragons. It's a product of my life's continual adoration for the mythic beast, since they're so awesome. Although I was bullied for my love of fantasy and dragons, now that I no longer face such shallow scrutiny, my love for dragons has never been at an all-time high. So, I'm completely on board with my younger self's elements, as long as I don't deem them stupid.  

Interpretation Schminterpretation

Since the names in the original writings are utterly ridiculous and cheesy, I've decided to reinvent these elements to make them better for the mouths speaking them, as well as actually having some kind of linguistic consistency. Think of it as taking creative liberties with this source material, since my younger self had a very clear picture of what these images were meant to depict.  

Bad Art at its Finest

These were stick figure drawings, pieces that are on the same level of substance and artistic quality as a toddler's crayon drawing. Okay, maybe not that bad, but still, they lack the fundamentals of art, those of color, dimension, shading, etc., and that leaves a lot to the imagination. Namely, it allows my mind to fill in the vast gaps that sit there, so we'll give my younger self some kudos for giving me a bunch of leeway for interpreting and adapting.