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Wars of Salian Conquest

Military action


As agreed, the people of the Federation from their forward headquarters of Overlea help the King of Sali conquer the Cilusian Isles.

At first, our navy was able to hold the enemy at bay for many moons. But now that this new foe comes into play, we will be brushed away like grass before the summer scythe. Their ships sail on trails of fire and light. Our people do not stand a chance.
— Report from a Naval Commander
  The conquest of the Cilusian Isles took a mere seven years after the first contact between the Kingdom of Sali and the Federation. The Federation naval fleet was able to essentially annihilate most of the opposing navies, and few armies stood a chance against the Salian command. By the end of the 24th year after the unification of the Ironfoot Isles, the fight was complete in Sali.

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