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Silent as the night

While the Zhushe is strikingly similar to a different species residing in the Thousand Peaks Range, it is different too. At least the Tianlong can feel the cold ground beneath it. The Zhushe, on the contrary, has never felt the embrace of its native land.
— Taxonomist-General Bai
  The Zhushe is one of the major species of the Salt Plains. It mainly preys on the Kava Gliding Rat, and lives in the canopy of the Kava forest. It is occasionally predated on by the Turrim Hawk.

Basic Information


When entering Drone Base 27, one can see the artistic talent within. Hung in the hangar is a detailed anatomical drawing of the Zhushe, with painstaking outlines of each of the snake's scales. Underneath, written in felt pen, there is a simple message. "This is not an anatomical drawing of a snake."
  The Zhushe looks like a snake and acts like a snake. It eats what a snake eats, and it seems to be a snake. However, it is not a snake. It is actually much closer to a lizard than a snake, despite its appearance. It contains the following distinguishing features identifying itself as a legless lizard.  
  • Vestigal back limbs are still found on the Zhushe's body
  • Two, larger functional lungs are present, opposed to one in an Earth snake
  • Zhushe eyes have eyelids, while Earth snakes have none
  Specific to Claran reptiles, the Zhushe has extremely sensitive auditory receptors, while lacking an acute sense of smell.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Kava Gliding Rat bad. They eat our nests. They eat our grain. They eat our young. Zhushe good. They eat the rats.
— Recording by Outrider Drone
  The Zhushe eats exclusively rats, creeping up silently and ambushing them with its venom. It slithers relatively fast and is rather territorial. It hisses at any that dare intrude within its territory, and sometimes makes those brave enough to stay dietary supplements.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As with much of the species of Clara, hearing is key for survival. Not only does the Zhushe have an incredible sense of hearing, but also, it moves in near-utter silence, allowing it to stalk and kill prey with ease. However, its sense of sight and smell are below average, making it weak against attacks from the sky.

Scientific Name
Lignilacerta arbor
Zentland Kava Forest, Clara
10 - 15 Earth years
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Weight
1 - 2.5 kilograms
Average Length
1.5 - 3 meters

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