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What are the Untamed Skies?

A world of wonder

We came long ago, on a mission. We were made near-immortal in our electronic forms, and sent to make this moon suitable for human habitation. We arrived, and we carried our mission out well. But no one ever came to relieve us of our duty.
— Trosulia, Outrider Drone
  The Eternal Fall (Earth term) or Untamed Skies (Claran term) is set on a moon of the star HD 69830. The planet it is orbiting, the d planet, is officially named Eimmart, after the German astronomer. The moon, tidally locked to Eimmart, is named Clara.  

The Claran Bloom

  Early in the development of the HD 69830 system, Clara was a rogue planetesimal in formation. At 0.6 Earth masses, Clara is approximately halfway between the size of Mars and Venus. It followed HD 69830 at its L4 position, as a trojan to the forming gas giant.   But another forming planet (HD 69830b "Fatima") disturbed Clara enough for it to begin spiraling in towards Eimmart. Clara eventually entered orbit around Eimmart, becoming tidally locked to the planet. It turns out Eimmart hits the sweet spot in HD 69830's habitiable zone, and life began to bloom on the planet.  

The Humans

  But this bloom caught the attention of a burgeoning space empire. Earth, after colonizing its solar system, looks out to the stars. Nations race to partition the galaxy at the Terraforming conference in Auckland, New Zealand. The People's Republic of China, with its large space force, recieves HD 69830 as its first target.   Military elite troopers draw sticks. The twenty unlucky have their consciousness digitized, and are sent on a colony ship to terraform the planet. One, 陳北风 (or Trousilia), finds that they've found more than just a habitable moon. They've found another species. The avian Brown Halora is developing, and is already in the bronze age.  

Meanwhile, on Earth

A nuclear war is occurring. Russia, a fading power, lobs nuclear missiles at the United States. The United States retaliates. Total war ensues, leaving no one in the solar system untouched. The technology to communicate with terraforming drones is destroyed. Teleportation portals are destroyed. Colony ships still on Earth are destroyed.   What's left is the plan on the Untamed Skies. Planetside is left to the Halora. Starside is terraformed. But still, questions remain for both sides. The halorin wonder what is on the other side of the barrier known as the Dome of Light. The drones debate whether to continue the arduous wait for humankind to arrive. And a spaceship, hailing from the one space-capable colony system remaining, is arriving.

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