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Sophia, goddess of wisdom, goddess of peace.... I offer you my life, my free will, to end this horrid war. Or, if you do not accept my offering, at least tell me: who will triumph, and who will see defeat.
— Top Halora diplomat
  Sophia is a Halorin goddess, directly translated as "Peace". A legendary Brown Halora with violet eyes, Sophia is said to preserve the order of the world: to bless the righteous and bring down the evil. In reality, Sophia is just the Halorin version of Kali, Bringer of Peace. She doesn't really care what happens to the birds. But, since the world of Clara is her playground, she often meddles in Halorin affairs.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Sophia always wears a white dress, tinged with Tyrian purple.

Lawful Good
Brown Halora
Biological Sex
long, silver-white
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Not a single day goes by when a loyal guard gives his life for his king, or a dutiful mother her life for her nest. But I meddle not in these affairs as a god... only as a simple halora."

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