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The thousandth hammer stroke

Grandmaster Kelban Peter

Your assignment is to an up-and-coming smith in the Pestrib tribe. His identification name has been assigned as 'Kelban', and he has already distinguished himself as an expert brazier. This one has promise. Watch him closely.
— Order to Outrider Drone #27-00
  Kelban is the identification name given to a culture hero of the Pestrib ethnicity. In Pestrib legend, he lived "ten thousand years" ago, and was responsible for the discovery of Bronzeworking as well as the cultivation of millet, the invention of the bronze plow, and the discovery of Silkene, a silk-like fiber. He is said to have lived one hundred years before dying due to poison fumes during his bronze experimentation. Having so given his life for halorkind, he is revered as one of Kali's chosen by many halorin.   However, terraforming drones that had settled on the planet had also observed his unique talent from the start. They had kept records on this character. Instead of living ten thousand years ago, his actual date of birth was 5721 years before present. While he did do much in the field of metalworking, and certainly found silkene, there is no evidence he ever farmed. He actually lived less than fifty years.

Brown Halora
4363 B.F. 4314 B.F. 49 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Poisoning from bronze-working
Light brown
Light brown

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