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Cry of Darian

An age of blood and bronze

When the winds had died down in the mountain pass, Darian summoned his troops to his side. Twelve hundred men. He knew not their names, nor their heritage, but he knew one thing. If he failed, all of them would die.
— Liu Juyi, Darian's Cry
  Darian's Cry is a famous speech given by the Sage of Lightning, Darian, before the Battle of the Scarlet Pass. With most of his old guard decimated by the previous defeat at the Salt Plains, he was left with a hodgepodge of troops, all relatively inexperienced. The speeches had a profound psychological impact, and motivated each and every soldier to do his duty.

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Historical Details


Commander Darian replaced Commander Ryn as the commander of all Salt Range Ground-Air Forces immediately prior to the capture of Linsent by Sage-Archer Nora's forces. However, by then, the forces of the Salt Range were decimated, and it was all he could do to wage a desperate guerrilla campaign against the allied advance.   However, after the capture of Linsent, Darian no longer had pesky politicians preventing him from attacking. Instead, he was to guard the passage of the fleeing birds of the capital, and he was able to mass his troops for a final battle.   Before marching on Widwrat Commandery, he needed to motivate his fatigued and demoralized guerrillas for an open battle against well-trained forces. He linked up with Ryn, who had now proven her own brunt in combat as a lower-level tactical commander. Together, they rung the bronze gong of the Scarlet Fortress, guarding the Scarlet Pass, summoning their troops.

Public Reaction

Ryn was, I mean, OK, but you gotta know, Darian is where it's at! He's the biggest, baddest commander I ever saw!
— Unnamed Soldier
  The speech was very well received by the Salt Range troops, with an incalculable morale-boosting effect. It was credited by both Ryn and Nora to be one of the greatest factors determining the outcome of the Battle of the Scarlet Pass, which Darian won decisively.

Manuscript, Historical
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth

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